Way to Help

ISPaD: The Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Project depends of individual support from people like you. We have received help from women and men, young and old, of all nationalities and religions.


Partition Project is a U.S. 501c3 tax-exempt, non-profit organization.


In the past we have received donations


a. By check (to 85-60 Parsons Blvd, Jamaica, New York 11432, U.S.A.)
b. Via Facebook;
c. Via PayPal;
d. Through fundraising organized by our friends and supporters;
e. Through personal fundraising;
f. Through sale of our books, journals and other artifacts;
g. Donating through their estates;
h. Recording stories of refugees;
i. Recording stories of survivors;
j. Recording stories of protectors;
k. Donating books;
l. Giving gifts of artifacts, and memorabilia; and
m. More.
We really appreciate if one wants to help us any way one can.
Your suggestion is appreciated.

Please contact us at ispad1947@gmail.com for any of your queries or call us at 917-524-0035.