Volunteer Groups

Several individuals have volunteered to help ISPaD: The Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Project to collect testimonials of refugees, survivors and protectors on an informal basis.

Those volunteer groups are:

Delhi (India) Committee was formed with the following individuals: Prof. Dr. Anish Gupt, convener, with Ms. Prianka, Ms. Tanwishree, Mr. T. Gopal, Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Mr. G. Sreedathan, and Mr. Saji Narayanan.

Dhaka (Bangladesh) Committee: S. Mazumder and S. Roy as co-conveners, with Ms. T. Barua and Mr. A. Gharami as members.

Kolkata (India) Committee: Mr. Jayanta Biswas and Ms. Ankita Ghosh as co-conveners, with Mr. Arindam Banerjee, Mr. Bikash Biswas, Dr. R. N. Chattopadhyay and Mr. Swarnadeep Das as members.

United States: Please contact us to join with us. Our meetings are held in New York City.

Should anyone be interested to learn about ISPaD and help ISPaD please call us at 917-524-0035 or write to Ispad1947@gmail.com for further information.