ISPaD: The Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Center has collected a large number of tributes and memorials through their field work, travel and through others sources. Among them are memorials of innocent Bangladeshis killed by the Army of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and its Bengali- and Urdu-speaking Islamist supporters during the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. Bangladeshis have done a good job in paying tribute to their martyrs compared to post-independence India and Pakistan. Their effort is ongoing.

Here is a small selection of those memorials and tributes.

Andaman Cellular Jail of Colonial Britain where Colonial Masters Imprisoned Thousands and Thousands of Freedom-Loving Indians and Hanged many in that Remote Island:

Mahatma Gandhi’s Place of Murder by a Hindu Fanatic in Birla House, Delhi, India

Memorial at Jallianwalah Bagh Massacre by Colonial British Army of about 1,200 Civilians, Amritsar, India

List of 41 Freedom-Loving Bengalis Who Gave Their Lives (as Colonial Britain Hanged Them) for India’s Independence

India Independence Memorial of July 8, 1945 led by Subhas Chandra Bose at Netaji Museum, Kolkata, India

Wagha-Atari Border Crossing between Punjab, India and Punjab, Pakistan:

Book on Basu-Roy-Choudhury Family, Parichoy: Ulpur Basu-Roy-Chowdhury-r Bangsa Parochoy, authored by SriSatindraNath Roychoudhury, published on 30 Baisakh 1344 (April-May 1938) but Almost Extinct from their Homeland — Ulpur. Bangladesh.

Courtesy: Ulpur Association of Kolkata, India

Ramna Kali Mandir & Ma Anandamoyee Ashram, Dhaka, East Pakistan, now Bangladesh: 100 Hindu Priests, Nuns, Devotees Burned Alive at 9th Century Ramna Mandir Temple by Pakistan Army and Bengali Islamists in 1971 as they Destroyed the Temple

Jagannath Hall, Dhaka University, Bangladesh: 46 Hindu Students Killed (Pakistani Genocide Started with this killing at Jagannath [Hindu Student] Dormitory)

Prabartak Ashram, Chittagong, East Pakistan, now Bangladesh: 15 Killed: 13 Hindu Men, 1 Hindu Woman, 1 Muslim Man by Pakistani Army and Bengali Islamist Supporters.

400 Bengali-Marwaris Hacked to Death in 1971 in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, by the Army of Islamic Republic of Pakistan with its Urdu- and Bengali-Speaking Islamist Allies

Jikhargachha, Bangladesh: Memorial to Hundreds of Bengalis Murdered by Pakistan Army and its Allies in 1971

Raayer Bazaar Killing Field of Pakistan Army and its Islamist Allies in Dhaka, East Pakistan, now Bangladesh

Kohinur Villa, Bangladesh, Killing of 16 by Pakistan Army in 1971

Gandhi Ashram, Bangladesh: Scores of Pacifist, Elderly Gandhi Associates Murdered by Pakistan Army and Bengali Islamists in 1971

Women (Hindu) widowed by the brutal killing (3000 civilians) of their husbands at the hands of Pakistan occupation army and their local collaborators on April 23, 1971, join a mourning procession at Jagannathpur in Thakurgaon Sadar upazila, Bangladesh marking Jhathibhanga massacre day. Photo: Star

Swaruplathi Martyr’s Memorial Girls’ High School: Here 136 Hindus were Corralled and Murdered by Pakistan Army and Bengali Islamists in 1971, Swarupkathi, Bangladesh

Memorial of the First Proponent of the Bengali Language in Pakistan, Hon. Dhirendra Nath Dutta, a Hindu, Cumilla, Bangladesh. (The Memorial Site is Next to a Cremation Area, Hundreds of Years old, Vandalized during 1990 and 1992 Pogroms.)

Destruction of Buddhist Temples, Chittagong, Bangladesh, 2012

Banshkhali, Chittagong, Bangladesh, Torching of Hindu Village, 2013

Bangladesh Chittagong Hills Indigenous Tribal Demonstration for Restoration of Rights and Forced Colonization by Plains Bengalis Under Military Dictatorship in 1970a, Dhaka

Pancha-Ratna Hindu Mandir (Temple) of a Family of 35-40 Generations, in post-Partition a Tin-shed Mosque Built on the Hindu Temple Property, Barisal District, Bangladesh

Home of Bosu-Rai-Chowdhury of Tens of Generations in Ulpur, Bangladesh, lost due to Partition

Nabaratna Madir, Teotha Village, Manikganj, Bangladesh lost is Protectors due to Partition

Picture: Patip DasGupta

Nandigram, West Bengal, India: Memorial to 17 Peasants Killed in the Playground by the Ruling Communist-Marxists

Raja Ram Mohon Roy Memorial in Bristol, England

Kutub Minar, Delhi, the First Victory Tower in India

(British-era Memorial Plaque of Destruction of 27 Hindu and Jain Temples to Construct the First Victory Tower)

Home of Tamil Minority Destroyed in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

20 Hindu Monks and Nuns Killed by Beating, Pouring Gasoline, then Setting on Fire-Till-Death in Ballygunj in the Heart of Calcutta, in Hindu-majority India in 1987 by an anti-Hindu Mob with Ruling Communist Activists. No one was either Arrested or Prosecuted by Ruling Communists, or later anti-Communist Ruling Trinamool Party. (No Memorial Yet)

Commemoration of the First War of Indian Independence, Peshawar University, Pakistan

If one finds memorials and wants us to post them in our web, kindly send that to us at with your name and other relevant information. We will be happy to post them giving sender credit.