Probini Foundation


The Probini Foundation, 80-56 251st Street. Bellerose, NY 11426;



Dhaka Girls’ Orphanage

Trustees: Chair — Dr. Sachi G Dastidar

Secretary: Mr. Jay Hyman

Treasurer:      Mr. Dilip Chakravorti (Queens, NYC)

Accountant: Mr. Gopal Patel

Members: Dr. Shefali S. Dastidar, Dr. Kusumita P. Pedersen, Mr. Prabangshu Ghoshal

Executive Secretary: Mr. Shuvo G. Dastidar

The Purposes of the Probini Foundation

  • Support the education of the needy, especially the orphaned in Assam, West Bengal and Bangladesh in the Indian Subcontinent. This may include self-sufficiency projects, school or dormitory construction, school tuition, and teacher salaries.
  • In the New York metropolitan area, to create social, cultural and educational bridges with new immigrants, new citizens and native born U.S. citizens.
  • In the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area, to provide social services needed to mainstream immigrant and the needy population.

Limitations on grants

  • No grant may be given for individual life-style improvement,
  • All institutional grant applicants must be visited by an Executive Committee or Board of Trustee members, followed by a report to the Committee, before a grant can be approved. Exceptions can be made under very unusual circumstances, with the approval of the Chair of Trustee and the Executive Director.
  • Grants and scholarships may not be directed towards a specific individual, except under very unusual circumstances, as approved by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.
  • Named scholarships, buildings and dormitories may be established provided that the minimum amounts of such donations must merit at least $1,000, or the equivalent of one scholarship, or as determined by the Committee.

Assam Buddhist Vihar Orphanage, Dibrugarh, India – Probini is providing teachers’ salary.


Bagerhat-Khulna, Bangladesh- AndharManik Girls’ High School: Probini has built a girls’ dormitory.

Opening Celebration in 2008 with Donor’s Tablet

Bankura, India—Probini provides teachers’ salary at Purokonda Ashram school for the poor and scholarship to students.

Barisal Poor Student Scholarship at Ramakrishna Mission, Bangladesh.

Calcutta Sishu Kalyan Parishad [Children’s Welfare] Orphanage, Inc., India – Probini gives scholarships to girls.

Dhaka Girls Orphange Society, 1908, Bangladesh – Probini is providing scores of scholarships to girls for school education.

Dinajpur Harijan Palli Sri RamaKrishna School(Free School at the Sweeper’s Colony)Bangladesh– Probini provides salaries for teachers.

Dhowa Danga Santhali Tribal Village School, Bardhamaan, India—providing teachers at school.

Doihari Sahid Smriti (Martyr’s Memorial) Girl’s High School, Swarupkathi, Bangladesh: Probini has rebuilt the cyclone-destroyed school and dorm, and created a memorial for 135 Hindus murdered by Pakistan Army and Bengali Islamists in 1971 independence struggle.

Probini Building Under Construction After Cyclone Destruction

Martyr’s Memorial Tablet

Gandhi Ashram Trust, Noakhali, Bangladesh – Probini is providing scholarships for school children.

Mrs. Patowary with Children Educated by Probini

Durgapur 12 Separate Schools and Vocational Training Centers– Probini is providing salaries for teachers.

Gopalganj Tutamandra Sarajubala Girls’ School, Bangladesh: Probini has built a girls’ dorm..

Classroom Building (Prior to Probini’s Help)

(New Building)

Probini-built Dorm Room

Classroom Building (Prior to Probini’s Help)

Jagatpur Ashram Orphanage (1898), Chittagong, Bangladesh – supporting boys’ & girls’ education.


Madaripur Pranab Ashram, Bangladesh – Probini is providing salaries for teachers and has built a boys’ dormitory.

Mahilara Ashram School, Barisal, Bangladesh – Probini is providing teachers’ salary and built a school. This is the first building project done by Probini supporters before Probini incorporation.

Building Opening Ceremony; 2001

Handing Over Probini Documents

Probini’s Effort Saved the 300-Year Old Temple

Builders’ Tablet

Nandigram, Medinipur, India— Probini is providing teachers at Kasturba Gandhi Memorial School.

Nayagram, Paschim Medinipur, India— Probini has provided books for the poor tribal school and library. Probini’s building project has been temporarily halted for local reason.

Netrokona Manab Kalyan Kami [Improvement of Mankind] Orphanage, Bangladesh – Probini is providing student scholarships, has created agricultural projects for self-sufficiency in food and has built a girls’ dormitory.

Our Association of Remedy, Kolkata (Calcutta), India: Probini provided small grants for education of children living in illegal slums.

Pirojpur SriRamKathi Pranav Shishu BidyaNiketan School, Bangladesh –Probini is providing salaries for teachers and has built a school building.

Probini Foundation Meetings:


Probini Foundation meets in New York, U.S.A.; Kolkata, India and in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is open to all. Here are a few of those reports:

Edifices Built by Local Villagers in Honor of Probini Helpers (not Funded by Probini):

Marble Plaque Built by Residents in S G Dastidar’s Honor in Uzirpur Village

Dr. Shefali Sengupta Dastidar Matri Chhaya Neer [Home for the (Needy) Mothers], Bangladesh

Mahatma(Great Soul) Dr. Sabyasachi Ghosh Dastidar Sanskrit College Building,Martyr Surjyo Sen Orphanage in Malikanda, Bangladesh

Probini Accomplishments:

  • Built school and residence for teachers and school at Mahilara ashram, Barisal, Bangladesh
  • Built school at SriRamKathi, Pirojpur, Bangladesh
  • Built Madaripur ashram boys’ dormitory, Bangladesh
  • Built a girls’ dorm at Andharmanik Girls’ High School, Bagerhat, Bangladesh
  • Built a student dormitory at Twichang, Mizoram State, India
  • Built a dorm at Martyrs’ Memorial Girls’ High School, Doihari, Bangladesh
  • Built a boy’s dorm and technical school at Malikanda asram, Uzirpur, Baangladesh
  • Built a dorm at Tuthamandra Sarajubala Girls’ High School, Gopalganj, Bangladesh
  • Built a girls’ dorm at Netrokona orphanage, Bangladesh
  • Constructing a proposed student dormitory in Medinipur, West Benngal, India
  • Paying scores of teachers’ salary
  • Providing teachers for hundreds of students
  • Complete food-tuition-clothing scholarships for over dozens and dozens of orphans and poor students
  • Supplied hundreds of clothing and books
  • Close to 10 million taka/rupee in fixed deposit in Bangladesh and India for teacher salary and resident student scholarship
  • Built capital assets of over Tk/Rs 20 to 30 million
  • S. Tax-exempt status


Indirect benefits of Probini Work

  • Saving of 300-yr Old Mahilara Mott in Bangladesh, now included in a UNESCO book; visited by top foreign diplomats in Bangladesh
  • Saving of Gandhi Ashram of Bangladesh from illegal extremist confiscation; afterwards made a National Museum by Bangladesh Government
  • Saving of memorials of martyred Gandhian pacifists killed by extremists
  • Reemergence with a 50-year since 1947 India/Bengal partition of a 500-year old annual New Year Baisakh festival in Barisal District, Bangladesh
  • Saving a 500-year old Sri Bishnu/Vishnu Mandir in Bangladesh
  • Hiring of the first oppressed-caste Bauri graduate in Durgapur, India
  • Shelter for Hindu girls abused by Islamist extremists during 2001 pogrom
  • Learning from extremely poor and oppressed individuals organizing themselves
  • Giving hope to people like widowed Mrs. Patowary by providing free education for her childrenwho ended up in college
  • S. Consul General in Calcutta visited India orphanage at our request
  • Hundreds of boys and girls who could have perished are now productive members of society
  • Gandhi Ashram in Bangladesh is now a National Museum
  • Encourage pluralism, tolerance, and secularism