ISPaD: The Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Center has a small museum of some of the artifacts collected by its members.

Here are a few of those collected artifacts, treasures, documents, family heirlooms that some of the refugees were able to bring with them and were/are willing to share with others. Generally, refugees like to hold on to their meager possessions and mementos – sometimes covering many generations – instead of giving it away.

Here are three of those collections at our museum:

Lokkhir Jhapi (Lord Lakshmi’s Basket), a symbol of Goddess of Prosperity. This basket was handed down from mother to daughter for many generations in a Hindu family in east Bengal, now Bangladesh. This was one of the few items that a Bengali Hindu refugee family was able to bring to their new home in India (from Pakistan.)

Bricks — discarded on site — from ancient 2nd Millennia Buddhist Vihar in Comilla, Bangladesh;  1st Millennia Buddhist Vihar, Taxila, Pakistan; destroyed Hindu temples (1990s) in Bangladesh

Book on Basu-Roy-Choudhury Family, Parichoy: Ulpur Basu-Roy-Chowdhury-r Bangsa Parochoy, authored by SriSatindraNath Roychoudhury, published on 30 Baisakh 1344 (April-May 1938) but Almost Extinct from their Homeland — Ulpur. Bangladesh.

Courtesy: Ulpur Association of Kolkata, India


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