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Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Project Inc.


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Several Bengali-Americans in New York, individuals whose families were victims of partition of the Indian Subcontinent – especially of former British-Indian Bengal, formerly East Bengal, now Baangladesh – formed a partition documentation project called ISPaD or Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Project Inc. to save the history and experiences of lost and displaced individuals and families, their villages, their life, and that of survivors and protectors.


The Project has received not-for-profit status from the Departments of Education and State of New York and a 503-C tax-exempt status from the I.R.S. (of the U.S. Government). ISPaD is open to all.


The purposes of the project are:


  • Document information from the people affected by the partition;
  • Collect historical records;
  • Study and document demographic and social changes caused by the partition;
  • Create a center to disseminate and share the information with the public and civic groups and rights organizations engaged globally in such activities;
  • Interact with the concerned governments and international bodies to raise awareness about the plight of the victims of ethnic cleansing and support the needy;
  • Organize meetings, seminars, conduct scholarly research, and publish journals and books.
  • Solicit funds to support the above activities.


Ispad is looking for individual and family stories, documents, pictures, narratives, deeds, artifacts, books, family history, stories of refugees, survivors, protectors and that of the lost ones, tapes, films, videos of Bengal and Indian partitions – from 1947 through the present.